While in search of a swim at Playa Litibu, an octopus was eaten


When they were in San Pancho yesterday, they met an ex pat named Peggy who was working in one of the stores. The conversation turned to swimming beaches in the area.

Their resort, Playa Escondida, is located on a beautiful stretch of coastline, but the shore break makes for an iffy swimming beach (at least most days). Surrounding beaches are known as great surf beaches but again tough to swim in. Then there was the matter of alleged sewage at Sayulita Beach, needless to say they weren’t going to take a chance.

She told them of an undiscovered beach south of them called Playa Litibu and they hired a driver to take them to the closest down and walked towards the ocean. It was a walk that proved to be exercise only, as it was along dusty dirt road.

At the end they discovered the Litibu Grill, which only takes diners by reservations but because they were they around 45 minutes before opening, they got a luncheon seating when it opened at 1:00. That gave them time to walk down the lovely stretch of beach and find a good place for a swim.

What they hadn’t figured on was that the water was on the cool side, not really cold, but enough that they decided not to go in, even though that was point of their journey.

It turned out lunch for the reward of this trip. Two regulars at the next table urged L to try what was Libitu Grill’s signature dish, whole grilled octopus. It came with a tapenade sauce and was the hit of the trip. Absolutely delicious…

Walk/easy/4 miles

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