Conquering Monkey Mountain (well almost)


d-on-the-monkey-mountain-trail-1The Adventurers took a hiking trip organized locally by Mexitreks and guided by Arturo (pictured top left) that turned into a butt kicker. The went up on twisty, winding, steep trail that at times included using ropes to help scale a particular steep part.

The issue for L was not so much the steepness but the pace set by younger hiking companions. Trying to keep pace resulted in her taking a tumble, landing hard on some rocks. But she preserved until almost the top, where she stayed behind while the others went to the tippy top.

That was a good call, reported D, as the final ascent involved climbing over big boulders something she doesn’t like to do at all.

All in all, they were glad they did it. But next time would hire a guide for just the two of them…

Hike/difficult in places/4.5 miles

Photo top by Dennis Nugent

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