Stormy wintry day still yields plenty to do with the kids


Today was not the day to be out and about in nature. And while the morning rain yielded to cloudy skies , the wind kept up and it was cold (by Bay Area standards). At the breakfast of huge heart-shaped pancakes made by D, the consensus was to have a stay-at-home day.

That meant lots of imaginative play by the kids and the obligatory walk around the block with Maggie. The rain boots meant they could join Maggie in all the puddles.

Their out of house adventures began late in the afternoon when they all headed out to Portola Vineyards so that L and D could pick up their wine shares. What was supposed to be a quick stop turned out to be a mini-adventure. Owner Len Lehmann led the way to the chicken coops where the kids got to fed some assembled Rhode Island Reds with their treat food.


Then it was a brisk walk to the other side of the extensive property to check out the many ducks who were seasoning at the pond. Unfortunately, the ducks were not in a “up close and personal” mode and quickly fled to the far side of the pond.


Next stop was dinner at the Dutch Goose, where the kids are comfortable enough to run somewhat free armed with quarters for the various games. The rules: games while waiting for food, then eat all the dinner before games can be resumed. This wasn’t hard for James who immediately found a buddy who he played video games with while they sort of watched the three point competition at the NBA All-Star game. (And no, they weren’t checking the odds like it looks in the photo.)


Back at home meant bath time, which here means covering themselves in bubbles. Then D and James decided to watch a movie, while Grace and L played two more rounds of Yatzee.  To Grace’s consternation, she got beat both times. Sometimes it’s all about the cards…

Walk/easy/1.75 miles

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