Making the rounds in Menlo Park with the kids


If yesterday was marked by stay-at-home (except for the fun dinner outing to Dutch Goose), today saw the Adventurers and the kids out and about.

grace-and-james-at-addams-family-1First stop was parking near the farmers market and then walking to Cafe Borrone for breakfast, with Maggie in the mix, as she usually is on Sunday morning. Then it was back to the farmers market where James got to watch as Pietro pulled out a live crab for one of his customers. L thinks it surprised him a bit.

They did their shopping for the Adventurers dinner as well as some tulips for the kid’s mom. One obligatory stop was at at the Girl Scout cookie table.

After some down time, they headed to M-A to see the drama department’s production of The Addams Family the Musical. It was a hit. Lots of singable tunes. Lots of silly situations and a few surprises along the way.

Another good weekend with the kids…

Walk/easy/1 mile

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One Response to Making the rounds in Menlo Park with the kids

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    What a great weekend!

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