Water, water everywhere at Arastradero Preserve


Continuing to explore local favorite trails post all the winter rain, the Adventurers headed out this morning to Arastradero Preserve on what was another sparkling clear and crisp winter day.

They figured they’d do their usual loop, but immediately came upon a trail closure. So they instead did the four-miles up and back from the park entrance to its border with Foothill Park.

Along the way they saw more water than they’d ever seen cascading down. There was so much that another pond had formed about three-quarters of the way up, not as big as the existing lake, which clearly had spilled its sides at some point, but a healthy body of water nevertheless.

There are also a lot of downed trees. Not sure if the one D and the Mag poised in front of was really new. But they did think it was a good looking sculpture amidst the greenery…

Hike/moderate to easy/4 miles

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1 Response to Water, water everywhere at Arastradero Preserve

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Wow! So glad that’s over with! We’re always trying to imagine living there again. It’s the same anywhere– you have extremes no matter where you live. Nice seeing you grands too!

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