Morning under blue skies, night out with the stars of Hamilton

The Adventurers’ day was very much in two parts today. Given it was a Thursday “adventure day” they wanted to do something in the out of doors, but not too much. That was because they were going to out late in the City tonight.

They chose a repeat hike which the did two weeks ago in Arastradero, a four-miles round trip that takes them up 500 feet to the top of that park. Still lots of water for Maggie to play in and a very pretty morning.

The evening’s event was one that they’d been looking forward to for some time, seeing the musical Hamilton in San Francisco, wrapped around a fundraiser for the UCSF Neuro-Oncology Gordon Murray Caregiver Program, an effort that L supports annually. So this year, seeing Hamilton was a bonus.

The Caregiver Program was initiated by Chris Gulker’s neuro-oncologist Susan Chang and it was something that both L and Chris had talked to Susan about the need for in the years he was a patient at UCSF.. Seven years after his death, it’s fulfilling to see the program close to its endowment goals.

As for Hamilton, L is quite anxious to talk to people who have already seen it as she came away with a number of thoughts that surprised her. It is quite something and the national touring cast is terrific…

Hike/easy/4 miles

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