Avoiding the puddles with a hike up and back on Alpine Road

The Adventurers wanted to get at least of modicum of hill work in this morning but, at the same time, avoid the mud.

So they chose to go up and back the path along Alpine Road which provides a slow by steady climb and about a five mile distance. They’ve done it before and occasionally jog it.

Given that it’s familiar territory, the one thing they could investigate is property for sale just across Los Trancos Creek. Whoever is selling it invested in building a bridge over the creek to provide access to the property. It’s being marketed as Portola Valley but it’s really in Santa Clara County (PV is in San Mateo County).

It’s been on the market for some time. By area standards, at 4.2-acre, it’s a steal for $2.695,000. But it sure isn’t being snapped up. It is a funny, kind of skinny property along the creek. The didn’t get much of a photo, just a glimpse…

Hike/easy/5 miles

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