Baylands joins the green and water every where gang

Everywhere they go, the Adventurers marvel at how green and lush it is and how there is water where they have never seen it before.

This was underscored this morning when they did the long Byxbee/Bayland loop or the first time in a long time. They’d seen a couple of the new ponds when they explored some of Byxbee’s new trails a month or so ago but the list expanded today to take in some new areas of water in Bayland.

There were lots of folks out, including some cyclists who seemed to be testing just how fast they could go on the gravel path. And there were more birds than they’d ever seen, including hundreds and hundreds of mud hens that were surrounding some large pelicans. They all took off at the same time and the blue sky turned white. (Alas, the photo doesn’t do it justice.)

It was also warm with little breeze and The Mag started nagging for a dip in the water early. They finally found a place that required her to jump six inches or so to get in the water. And assistance from D to get her out…

Walk/easy/six miles

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