Making the most of a Mag-less hike at Edgewood Park

Maggie had a grooming appointment this morning, which meant the Adventurers could venture where dogs aren’t welcome. Given the winter rains and the green lushness  of spring, Edgewood Park was an easy choice as it’s noted for its spring wildflowers.

They were not disappointed as there were all varieties of wildflowers everywhere, those in the shade and those in direct sun. Not just patches, but carpets of wildflowers. A better camera and better photographer might have produced better results.

Given that they’ve hiked a number of Peninsula trails that have been damaged by the winter rain, they were surprised at how smooth the Edgewood trails were. There was very little rutting and footing was easy, except on the Serpentine Trail that had lots of exposed rocks. They noticed lots of drainage channels that would have helped direct the water. One of those channels produced a little waterfall!

Feeling good, they extended their usual loop today, adding another mile. Then they headed for lunch at Main and Elm. And that was where the learned The Mag was ready to be picked up, looking of so pretty…

Hike/moderate/six miles

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