Last minute audible makes for a fun afternoon with the kids

The Adventurers had long planned to have the kids for a few days during their spring break. It was going to coincide with the the start of baseball season for the Stockton Ports, where there good friend Rick manages. A bonus was L’s college chum (and Rick’s wife) would also be in town.

But mother nature interferred. What was to be a sunny frolic in the Central Valley was forecast to be soggy conditions for either of the two games they could attend. Given that the rain wasn’t to start until late afternoon today, the plan was to drive to Moraga, pick up Grace and James and go into the City for a visit to the zoo. They’d been there once with James but not both kids together. And this is, of course, the zoo of their childhood, too.

When D plugged in SF Zoo into the navigator, the results were disheartening. The trip from Moraga to zoo was to take over an hour and half. So D called what turned out to be a very good audible – they’d go to San Mateo, have brunch/lunch at Nini’s (a favorite of godfather Clark) and then go to the very nice children’s zoo and museum Curiodyssey.

It was a hit. There is a small zoo with animals that can be found locally but could no longer survive in the wild due to injury. They included an immense golden eagle and a pair of bobcats, which they watched get feed by one of the zookeepers.

Indoors is packed with interactive science stuff that teaches lessons by observing. How much learning when on the Adventurers aren’t sure but the kids turned every wheel and lever.

Next up, cooking with D…

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