Keeping busy with rain and shine activities in Menlo Park

It rained really hard overnight in Menlo Park and there must have been a lot of wind as the ground was covered with debris. That’s what L and Gracie found when they walked Maggie around the block this morning, Grace on her scooter and L on foot (natch).

Next up was a trip to downtown Menlo where Grace and L stopped at a coin collector shop to see if L’s Indian penny from the 1800s was worth anything. The main appraiser wasn’t there but his assistant didn’t provide much hope that the coin would provide for Gracie’s college education.

The girls then walked down to where the guys were at Ace Hardware. D needed some garden supplies and when they got home, he and James got to work sowing some seeds. D also made new garden signs as they ones from last year had really gotten trashed in the winter rain. The new wooden, hand-painted ones should fare better.

The other main activity was an early Easter egg hunt. Grace and James have been finding eggs in the Oak Knoll backyard since they could walk. This year they’re staying in Moraga, so L kept the tradition going with an early hunt.

The final event of the day will be the girls going to a dance show put on at L’s alma mater, M-A. Yes, they do keep busy…

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