Enjoying last morning with the kids, downpour and all

And then more rain came overnight, lasting into the morning. That allowed for extra bed snuggle time – a pretty picture all five of them jockeying for space.

Finally the rain let up, or so they thought. They set out for a Maggie walk, kids on the scooters, Adventurers on foot. And then the heavens opened up again. It rained hard for three blocks before the sun came out for good.

On the way to SFO to meet their Dad, they stopped at kid favorite Dutch Goose for lunch. The meet up did take longer than the Adventurers had planned. Seems son John’s car keys got left behind in Portland, so it was go to Moraga and then back to SFO.

At least D got his passport updated with Global Entry authorization…

Walk/easy/1.5 mile

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