It’s an all UCLA day down on the Farm

The Adventurers knew what they were doing today even before Stanford held what it called the Cardinalpalooza. That meant there was all sorts of Cardinal sporting event going on at the Stanford campus today.

That there was a women’s water polo game and a baseball game – both against the UCLA Bruins – had already gotten their attention.

So foregoing the football, beach volleyball, softball and tennis events, the headed first to the women’s water polo game. It was a tight game that UCLA won 10-9 (L was happier than D as he knows the Stanford coach since growing up in the same neighborhood.)

Then it was on to the Sunken Diamond to watch the Bruins battle the Cardinal. UCLA seemed in control most of the game but only beat the Cardinal by one run when all was said and down, 7-6.

When local phenon Andrew Daschbach was at bat for Stanford they cheered him on. It was just the right thing to do for a kid who was starting in his freshman year…

Photos by Linda Hubbard (c) 2017

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