Rainy but lovely Easter celebration in Moraga

The Adventurers were on the road early this Easter morning, heading to Moraga and the St. Mary’s College campus where a small Episcopal church, St. Giles, holds Sunday services in the chapel there.

The chapel itself is quite beautiful and quite Catholic. D even got to “meet” Pope Francis. Seeing the congregants gathering one man who was walking his dogs muttered, “oh, the leavers are here again.” Tee hee.

While there were very few children in attendance, Grace and James were welcomed with Easter bracelets, crayons and coloring books. And we all liked very much the interim vicar, The Rev. Peter O. Champion, who has met Trinity rector, Matthew, and whose wife grew up worshipping at All Saints Pasadena. The Episcopal stew is not large!

After the service there was an Easter egg hunt for the kids. While some 60 eggs had been hidden, the crows had taken some of the goodies out before the hunt. Darn smart crows.

It was then back to the house where Julie had set a festive table complete with the Sees eggs that have become a family tradition. And John cooked a delicious frittata along with bacon and sausage. Just yummy.

While the guys watched the start of the Warriors game, Grace and L worked on Grace’s next report. This one on the building of the George Washington Bridge.

A really lovely Easter, rain and all…

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One Response to Rainy but lovely Easter celebration in Moraga

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    “The leavers.” Never heard that one! The day sounded spectacular and the frittata looks wonderful. So glad it all went well! What lovely pics too. We will get to N Cal probably around Christmas but please keep in touch– you never know!

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