Keeping the farm theme going, this time at Runnymede Sculpture Farm

The Adventurers headed out to Runnymede Sculpture Farm today on one of its rare openings to the public. The occasion by a Earth Day celebration sponsored by the towns of Woodside and Portola Valley.

They were sure glad they did. It’s a magical 120 acres with 150 sculptures scattered around the property. Runnymede owners and art collectors John and Dodie Rosekrans (both now deceased) were passionate about modern sculpture. They acquired their art mostly from American artists in the late 80s and early 90s.

Most of the sculpture is massive. All is intriguing whether it’s simply the scale of the piece or the whimsy. D spotted one called The Swimmer by Brian Wheeler, so of course L needed to get a photo of the “old swimmer” next to it. That the sculpture is of a swimmer is not obvious at first glance, but D was quick to spot the bent-elbow arm stroke.

One of L’s favorites was theHorse Head by Ilan Averbuch. She paused to kiss it’s noise…

Hike/easy/3 miles

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