One of the worst Giants games ever – but oh those hats

Truth be told, the Adventurers bought tickets to see the Giants play the Padres a couple of months ago. They wanted to see at least one game before they headed off on their overseas May adventure.

But then for the last few weeks, Hunter Pence has been promoting a giveaway, a silly hat that pays homage to one-flap down Jeffrey Leonard from the 1987 National League championship. That it looked more like a lumberman’s hat and clearly had little to do with oh-so-cool Mr. Leonard was a moot point.

L became obsessed about having the hat. So they took a 3:30 train up to the yard for a 6:00 game start. The train was packed, but were there enough folks to that the hats – to the  first 20,000 fans – would be gone? L was anxious.

But to their good fortune, they each got hats, which actually came in somewhat handy as the sun set and the breezes set in. Lots of Giants fans were confident enough to also sport what, in reality, is a very silly hat. Arriving early they ordered an adult beverage and watched the crowd below from a way left field vantage point.

Little did they know the hat would be the only good thing about the game. What started as a solid start for Matt Cain who went 5 innings and had the lead when he left the game after five innings, devolved into a 6th inning that took an hour, or so it seemed.

Having missed the 8:15 train home, they called Uber. They were at their car near the train station before that train arrived. Oh, did we need to mention that the Giants stunk it up, 12-4…

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One Response to One of the worst Giants games ever – but oh those hats

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Cute hats and story! Where are you going in May?

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