Journey to the City to see painted art and artful food

The Matisse Diebenkorn exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has been on the Adventurers’ “to do” list for some time. And as they looked at their jam-packed calendar before they head out of the country in mid-May, they realized it was now or never.

So they took the train up to the City today and walked what would have been a normally easy route up 4th street. But there was a lot of construction due to the subway that is being built, so they dodged various barricades while they made their way to 3rd and Mission – and the museum.

Walking those sidewalks, they felt like the oldest people in San Francisco. When they got to SFMOMA, they felt on the young side. Such is the scene during the week when their fellow geezers are out and about.

No photography was allowed in the exhibit, which meant they had to search elsewhere for photo opportunities. They found one outside at a piece called Double Cylinder (The Kiss) by American artist Dan Gordon described as a “two-way mirror, glass and steel.” A discerning viewer can see how not only D but L as a reflection.

For lunch, they’d made reservations at In Situ, which was named the best restaurant in San Francisco in 2016  by Chronicle restaurant Michael Bauer and was include on his list of best 100 restaurant in 2017.

Here’s their take: the food was prettier than good (top photo). But they were glad they tried the restaurant…

Walk/easy/3.75 miles

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