We stopped in Venice so we could kayak on the canals

And that’s what we did this (long) afternoon. We headed out via the vaperetto before lunch, taking two different water buses. The destination was  Certosa island, which the Adventurers guessed was little visited except by those who stay at the small hotel there or are going kayaking.

It was bit of a surreal place, given that most of the island was once devoted to a munitions factory, the remnants of which remain. The ate a very good lunch at the small Certosa hotel that is the only sign of civilization on the island, even though efforts are underway to remake it as a day picnicking destination. The meal was good and inexpensive.

Around 2:00 they met their guide and the two other couples who were taking the Venice canal tour – one couple were Norwegian and the other Zambian. How’s that for international! Like the Adventurers, the couple from Norway had some experience kayaking. The Zambians, who now live in London, had never been on a boat. And that presented a bit of a problem as they couldn’t quite steer through the sometimes very narrow canal nor make post haste when it was necessary to cross the Grand Canal with all its boat traffic

The journey was not for the faint of heart. One needed to pass big water taxis and speedy taxis, all though all in all, the taxis slowed down for the much slower and smaller kayaks.

As the wind picked up in the later afternoon, the chop on the Grand Canal became more wave like. The Adventurers were in a long double tandem kayak so the chance of capsizing was slim. Nevertheless, it was a bit of a rush.

The other challenge was going the distance which was about 10K, longer than either had kayak in quite some time. But they make it. And were so glad that they done it…

Photos by Dennis Nugent

Kayak/moderately challenging/6 miles

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