Next stop is Rovinj, Croatia were forest and sea meet

D thinks they found Hotel Monte Mulina in Rovinj because its swim up bar is rated best in the world. That you can swim and order a drink, whether it be alcoholic or not, is one of his obsessions.

On L’s radar was what’s described as a lovely park, a kind of mini Golden Gate Park meets Stanley Park, called Punta Corrente (Golden Cape).

It took a four hour journey to get to Rovinj, ably handled by their driver, Luca, a native Venetian who bemoaned that few actual natives live in the main city nowadays, maybe 45,000 to the 22 million tourists a year, making it feel more like an Disney attraction than a real city. But pleasant to wander nevertheless.

The Italian highways were terrific but that changed when they entered Slovenia. Both the roads and buildings had an Eastern block feel.

Soon they were at the border of Slovenia and Croatia, where they were checked out and then checked in, supplying their passports to guards in both countries. Both driver and passengers were a bit perplexed at what/who they were looking for. It added 30 minutes to the journey.

When they got to the hotel, the location and property was as described. Lots of pools plus the all important swim up bar. Alas, drizzly weather meant no swim up bar today.

But right next door was Punta Corrente (pictured top with hotel in background). The Adventurers decided to risk getting rained on and set out to circle the park. It smelled fabulous and they had it almost all to themselves, a really lovely stroll

They closed out the day at the hotel’s Wine Vault restaurant, serving what they call “art food.” It’s not often that you get shrimp on a rock on top of rock salt…

Hike/easy/3 1/2 miles

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