Walking into town and up the hill to Rovinj’s old town

After a drizzly day yesterday, it seemed all of Croatia, Germany and Italy were out and about in Rovinj today. It’s a nice town with the obligatory quaint old town paved with cobblestones that lead up to Saint Euphemia Cathedral on the top of the hill with 360 degree views.

They took a peek inside the church and it was mobbed with people, mainly those attending mass. It appeared that there may have been a first communion service going on.

Winding down the narrower streets on the way down, they poked their head into some shops. D snapped some photos of what he’d like to paint. L found a cat more than happy to pose.

Heading back along the harbor, they quickly agreed they wanted to stay away from the crowds at the town square, so they kept going. D spotted some white umbrellas in the distance at what looked like the last restaurant in town. It was called Maestral and they wondered is that is Croatian for mistral, the strong winds of southern France. Clearly Rovinj is a windy place. The got a table right at water’s edge (top photo) and shared a local beer and a pizza. Hit the spot.

Later in the afternoon, D braved the wind and unheated pool to swim to the swim up bar for a beverage. It’s supposed to be the best swim up bar in the world. The setting is certainly lovely….

Walk/easy with a bit of hill climbing/4.85 miles

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One Response to Walking into town and up the hill to Rovinj’s old town

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Charming. Will you go to Dubrovnik?

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