A visit to the land of many waterfalls and cascades – Plitvice Lakes National Park


At the appointed time, their driver Steven (he said it was ok to call him by his English name) picked the Adventurers up in Rovinj to take them to Plitvice Lakes National Park.

The journey took a bit longer than Google maps had suggested (this seems to be a trend) but it was made very pleasant given Steven’s knowledge of his country, including its history.

They stopped only briefly but didn’t get to their hotel (Degenija) until mid-afternoon. They got settled and then headed to the park with Steven as their very able guide. What struck them both was how very international the other visitors to the park were. There was hardly a language they didn’t hear spoken.

After walking from the parking lot, their journey started off with a bus ride to the hiking trail. There they set off on the three-plus mile trail to view the various cascades and falls. A boat brought them back to the trailhead.

The temperature was perfect, and the hiking was easy, which they were grateful for considering they are usually morning hikers.

Another adventure awaits them tomorrow…

Early morning Rovinj walk/easy/two miles
Walk from parking lot to bus/boat and back/two miles
Hike around Plitvice Lakes/easy/three miles

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