Taking in the sights of Trogrir and Split on lovely May morning

The Adventurers aren’t much of sightseers in the traditional sense but their Ryder Walker self-guilded hiking trip included a guided tour of the towns of Trogrir and Split (where they are staying at the Luxe Hotel).

Peter was their extremely knowledgeable guide and clearly someone who enjoyed recounting his country’s history. They began in Trogrir which is located on an island about 30 minutes from Split. Of note was the castle called Kamerlengom (picture top) which was built by the Republic of Venice. In addition to walking along the water they ambled about the town’s tiny streets.

Then it was back to Split and a tour of Diocletian’s Palace built for the Roman Emperor at the turn of the fourth century AD. It look more like a fortress and was built on older Greek ruins. The portion that’s been excavated has been used in the TV show, Games of Throne, and that’s undoubtedly one reason for its renewed popularity.

The excavated rooms revealed some graffiti (bottom photo) proving that art is not new to the world. Per Peter’s account, neither is being a very bad ruler, as Diocletian killed anyone who challenged him.

At some point one room of the palace looked similar to others, and the Adventurers decided it was time to end the tour and get some lunch. Peter recommended a great hidden gem, Mazzgoon, which had evidently recently updated its menu with less traditional dishes. And boy was it tasty….

Walk around Trogrir/easy/2 miles
Walk around Split/3 miles

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