Morning hike to the top of Marjan Park provides good workout and views

The Adventurers were supposed to go on some butt-kick hike up a mountain today but it got cancelled due to drizzly weather. They were a little bit relieved and glad to have the morning to themselves rather with a guide.

The chose to hike up to the top of Marjan Park, a combination of steady uphill pull and stairs. The latter were the kind that had a few steps between them so easy to navigate.

Whether it was the weather, which was only a tiny bit drizzly, or the activity level – it is a good  pull but very doable – they found themselves near alone, maybe passing a dozen or so other hikers. That made it a nice respite from crowded Split.

Near the top was a children’s playground that also contained what appeared to be giant wooden puzzles, at least that’s what they deduced from the very limited English translation. At the top was a cross – Croatia is very Catholic – and the national flag.

It was a pretty morning outing. Now lunch and a ferry to Korcula this afternoon…

Hike/moderate/4 miles

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