Finally, the Croatia they’d imagined – the island of Korcula (well sort of)

Late yesterday afternoon, the Adventurers took what had to be the noisiest ferry in the world from Split to the island of Korcula. Well, they had an hour of peace as almost all of the passengers got off at Hvar, known as Croatia’s party island, which was exactly why they avoided it.

They checked into their agreeable harbor side accommodation, Hotel Korsal, and walked into the old town hoping to catch the sword dancers which evidently don’t perform regularly this early in the season. Alas, they show had started and they couldn’t get in so they enjoyed an nice meal at Atrij Zrnovo. L get her first whole fish of the trip – delicious.

This morning they took a quick boat ride i order to set off to what they considered their first real hike of the trip, during which L lauded the beauty and serenity of Korcula. But as D pointed out when they got back to the port city of Orebic, they’d actually journeyed back to mainland Croatia.

They hike started up their a very rocky path, one that made them both glad they had their poles before plateauing out at a monastery. For the next few miles they hugged the ridge line with great views both above and below, passing vineyards along the way. They presumed most of the houses they passed were residences, not holiday homes as almost each and every one had a vegetable garden alongside it.

This was the kind of hiking that they enjoy, challenging enough to produce a workout but easy enough that they weren’t too beat up. D ended his afternoon with a swim in the Adriatic. Great day start to finish (well almost, drinks and dinner beckon)…

Hike/moderate/six miles
Walk/easy/two and from ferry 1.5 miles
Walk/easy/around Orebic

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