Mad ride across the sea followed by a hike to two beautiful lakes

 When the Adventurers checked out of their hotel this morning, they were surprised to learn that their tour operator, Ryder Walker, had arranged for a private transfer by speed boat to their next destination, the island of Mjlet, rather than take the ferry.

It proved to be quite a ride, but well handled by the boat’s driver (whose name they failed to get). He piloted the James Bond-like speedboat for as long as he could along the Peninsula but eventually had to cross the open sea and head to the island, with occasional three-foot waves along the way. It was never really scary, just a lot of ups and hard downs.

They arrived in the harbor city of Pomena (top photo) where they were to stay the night in a Communist-era hotel called the Odisej. It’s been spruced up a bit but their are areas where one can almost feel the ghosts of Tito and his cronies.

Their destination hike were two amazingly blue lakes that are joined at one point. They lunch alongside the lower lake and then walked along the upper lake as they looped back toward town. D enjoyed a swim at their juncture, refreshing on what turned out to be a fairly warm day.

The trail was rocky at point, requiring some focus on footing, and there was some climbing up and down, but nothing two steep. Another great outing in very pretty scenery…

Early morning walk/easy/1 mile
Walk around Pomena while waiting for boat/easy/1 mile
Hike around islands on Mjlet Island/moderate/5 miles

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1 Response to Mad ride across the sea followed by a hike to two beautiful lakes

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Quite an adventure! Keep us posted!

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