A day of island hopping and then back to the mainland and on to Dubrovnik

The Adventurers vowed today to follow the Ryder Walker suggested hike to the T, so they got an early start, wanting to catch the 9:00 boat from the dock on Mjlet in order to go to destination number 1, the island of St Mary’s (Sveti Marija), a tiny speck of land that was once home to a monastery, which is now being restored.

Alas, they waited with a half dozen other couples but the 9:00 boat never came, and then a big tour group of Croatian AARPers showed up and they were almost shoved off a boat that came at 9:45.

The walk around St. Mary’s was pleasant but feel short of the hype of being one of the “must sees” on Mjlet. The boat dropped them off in Pristanis where they were supposed to talk the long hike of the day over to Polace, where their hotel was to deliver their luggage before they caught a ferry back to the mainland.

It was well after 11 when they starred out, so they opted for a shorter route that got to Polace in time for a nice lunch at a family run restaurant called Konaba Ankara. There was also a old Roman Palace (left).

After the ferry ride, a driver picked them up to take them into Dubrovnik. At first glance it is all that it’s said to be, just spectacular. The top photo is view from their hotel’s terrace. Sweet, huh…

Hike/easy/1.5 miles
Walk/easy/1 miles
Hike/moderate/2 miles

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