Afternoon spent on and in the Adriatic Sea

Thanks to what L thinks is the best concierge she’s ever encountered at any hotel in the world, the Adventurers went out for a private kayak trip in the Adriatic this afternoon with guide Nota, a terrific young man who hopes to make it big some day with his rock and roll band (Allman Brothers are influencers).

There was some current and chop, but nothing really difficult in their long, sturdy, sit-on-top boat. They paddled along old town Dubrovnik before heading out to sea a bit to Lokrum island where they took a dip in the water. (L was not exactly dressed for it but D said she had to get in the water; she was glad she did.)

Next stop was a cave and a paddle in front of string of hotels on the south side of Dubrovnik. One tony establishment with only six rooms goes for $10,000 a room a night. Nato said it was mainly a celebrity hideaway.

There day ended with dinner at Above 5, a restaurant recommended by Vedran the concierge. It took some effort to get there, up 5 flight of stairs but the payoff in view and food was well worth it.

All in all the perfect way to spend their last full day in Croatia…

Kayak/easy/2 miles
Walk/easy/1 mile

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One Response to Afternoon spent on and in the Adriatic Sea

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    That was a full day! So glad your trip has worked out so well. We enjoyed Dubrovnik, which we combined with Istanbul and Venice. One of our nicest trips but I believe you’ve achieved a lot more depth!

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