Morning spent learning about Dubrovnik

What better start to a morning than sitting outside for breakfast of the Hilton Imperial Palace (a very nice hotel) and looking at the light catching Fort Lovrijenac in Dubrovnik. The Adventurers would learn a lot about Dubrovnik’s history today. They knew it was a UNESCO World Heritage site and that it was an incredibly popular tourist destination.

But they didn’t know that it contained dozen of churches nor that it reached a high level of development in the 15th and 15  century. Nor did they know that it was bombed heavily in 1991 by Serb and Montenegrin soldiers, and that that war lingered through 1995 in one form or another.

They learned about this and more from Timeo, their knowledgeable Ryder Walker guide, who grew up in Dubrovnik and whose family was relocated during the war in the 90s.

For the detailed oriented, there is lots to see in the old city. Good photographer would have involved take close up detailed shots. Or engaging in street photography. Alas, L didn’t get anything that captured her attention in either category…

Walk/easy/2 miles

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