The ultimate Dubrovnik experience: walking the wall

Of course, the Adventurers had to walk the wall. At dinner last night, they meet a couple from Scotland and she said she’d been afraid at a number of places along the way. That gave L pause for thought as did looking at the wall from their hotel terrace where it appeared to have no handrails for stretches. (L is not so much fearful of heights as she is narrow passages with step drop offs and no railings.)

Anyway, just like swimming in the Adriatic, they were not going to leave Dubrovnik without taking in this major tourist attraction. Their strategy proved smart: They set of on their journey of 700 steps soon after the wall opened at 8:00 am. This meant not only cooler temperatures (the wall is completely exposed) but far fewer crowds as the buses from the cruises and other tour groups had yet to arrive.

And other than the steps – the Adventurers are really stepped out – walking the wall was no big thing from a fear perspective and they got to see high views of what they’d seen from the sea yesterday.

The walls have been there in some form since  the 7th century and with  numerous additions and modifications throughout their history, they have been considered to be amongst the great fortification systems of the Middle Ages, as they’ve never been breached by a hostile army.

The walls run an uninterrupted course of approximately 6,360 ft in length, encircling most of the old city, and reach a maximum height of about 82 ft. The bulk of the existing walls and fortifications were constructed during the 14th and 15th centuries, but were continually extended and strengthened up until the 17th century.

It was all in all a great way to wrap up their Croatian vacation…

Hike (due to up and down steps)/wall itself about 1 1/2 mile/moderate cuz of all those steps! 


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