Escape to the coast yields a near perfect hamburger sandwich

The Adventurers went to the coast today thinking they’d check out the San Benito House as place for a future venue but plan B yielded the treat of the month.

D rode along Canada Road until Highway 92, where L and the Mag picked him (and the bike) up. They then headed over the hill for a walk along the bluff near Maverick’s. They figured they’d have the place to themselves given that it was Warriors parade day in the Bay Area. They figured wrong. The roads and eateries were jammed, if not the trails.

Maggie likes this trail in particular because she gets to be off leash a good part of the time and then gets to run/run/run in the surf at the calm beach the other side of the famed Maverick’s surfing spot.

They worked up an appetite but when they got to the San Benito Cafe, the line was really, really long, so D said, “Let’s’ go to that caboose place.” They knew they’d read something about it and remembered hot dogs.

What they found was not dogs (although Maggie was welcomed at the all outdoor seating) but absolutely scrumptious hamburgers, on white bread with a fried egg, no less. Perfect onions, perfect sauce. Clearly a burger up there with the very best. And handmade potato chips, too.

Called Dad’s Luncheonette, it’s the brainchild of Scott Clark (former chef de cuisine at big deal San Francisco restaurant Saison) and his partner Alexis Liu. They couple recently became parents and realized full-time chef and parenting were not compatible, so opened a place on the coast in a caboose that’s been at the same spot for what seems forever.

Seating is minimal but they’ve got the timing down perfectly. Your order comes up, you eat it and your out of there, yielding to the next happy customers. Just terrific…

Hike/easy/three miles

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