A journey to the 60s finishes with a 21st century meal

The long-planned Father’s Day activity was a trip to the City to see the musical A Night with Janis Joplin. L couldn’t resist a Facebook post referring to the fact that D was “spending the night with Janis.”

They were extra excited because they thought they’d be beating the horrible heat wave gripping the Peninsula with temperatures in Menlo Park edging towards 100. The City usually stays cooler. But not today. It was 91 when they parked the car. Really? In the City? In foggy June?

Back to the musical: Kacee Clanton, who played Janis as she did on Broadway, was masterful as was the entire cast. Besides the familiar Janis tunes, there were songs sung by Bessie Smith, Odetta, Nina Simone, Etta James and Aretha Franklin. The first act concluded with an extremely rousing Spirit in the Dark duet with Janie and Aretha. Wow.

Janis pattered between songs, the only off note in L’s mind as she talked incessantly about being lonely but never referenced that being a heroin addict is indeed a lonely existence. That she was seduced by drugs in her 20s was not surprising. That they killed her was the tragedy.

Having spend the afternoon mired int he 60s, the Adventurers opted for a very 21st century meal at a new place in Dogpatch (kind of on their way home) called Alta on Minnesota. Wow, was it good. L continued her obsession with octopus, or in this case, they smaller squid. Hats off to chef Matt Brimer. The only off notes, not really surprising for a restaurant just a month old, was no Vermatino chilled as D wished and, much worse considering that it was Father’s Day, no strawberry shortcake.

But they will be back on another City outing…

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