Getting the kayaks in the water for the first time in a long time

While the Adventurers kayaked in Venice and Croatia, it had been a long time since they took their own boats out for paddle. The heat wave baking the Peninsula prompted them to do just that.

They returned to the Port of Redwood City where they’d taken the boats out almost exactly three years ago during a similar heat wave. That trip had proved to be a bumpy and challenging ride so they didn’t return (at least that’s why they think they’ve ignored this closest to home put in spot.)

This time, they turned right into Smith Slough for a relatively easy and uneventful paddle. They discovered a “hidden” large body of water that may or may not be there when the tide is low. They looked at Bair Island from the water rather than the land – they’d walked there on a Maggie-free day as no dogs are allowed.

They had a really pleasant time and were really glad to be back on the water…

Paddle/easy to moderate/5.8 miles

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