The big summer grandkid adventure begins

Son John delivered the kids (that be Grace and James) to Menlo Park today in advance of tomorrow’s getaway on what L is call the “great Santa Cruz Mountain adventure.”

But the first order of business today was the meeting of the Mag and the Max, John and Julie’s new German Shepherd dog. Maggie had never met a herding dog before, so the fact that Max wanted to follow her every move was a bit of a mystery to her.

Maggie, is also, about the size of Max’s head. There was a bit of growling and getaway before they bonded over the great “keep the squirrels out of my yard” hysteria. D thought of what he could call them. At the moment we’re calling them Boris and Natasha.

The time came for a celebration of James’ 6th birthday, which they had missed due to L being sick. Better late than never.

The big hit of the evening (besides the cupcake) was the gross toys that D had picked out for a silly boy.

On to the really big adventure tomorrow…

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