Steam train is ho-hum after “the best house ever”

The big adventure of today was supposed to be riding the steam train at Roaring Camp. But the Adventurers should not have underestimated the wonder of their friends’ Sally and Michael’s house in Brookdale.

Grace called it “a castle” and James was more matter of fact: “this is the best house ever.” It was made more special by the fact that their grandkids – Eleda and Rowan – were there. The two big kids (Eleda starts high school and Rowan 6th grade) were extra special wonderful to their two young visitors.

Rowan took James by piggyback into the still cold creek. Both boys did a triple dare to D who was lured in. Meanwhile Grace and Eleda were making brownies in the kitchen. All the while the Adventurers were taking Thailand with their hosts. Looks like a distinct possibility for 2018.

They left in time to ride the 2:00 Roaring Camp Steam Train. The kids reviews were divergent: Grace thought “it was pretty” while James declared it “boring.”

After quiet time, James went for another swim with D while Grace explained Minecraft to Bugs. The vote for “most silly” is still out. But Grace and Bugs (L) are not in the running…

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