Big event of the trip – the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Wednesday was the day to go to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, a place of both Adventurers’ youth. Grace had been there once before, last summer. It was the first time James, who is more timid about rides than his sister.

They got there just as the sun was coming out. After parking, the walked through Neptune’s Kingdom, which has tons of video games plus a miniature golf course. James was ready to stop right there. But going on ride was the order of the day.

That proved a little problematic as somewhat mysteriously James is missing the thrill ride gene that both his parents (and grandparents) have. Has someone done a study on recessive “I have thrill ride” genes?

Because the Adventurers knew things were only going to get busier as the day progressed, L and Gracie headed right over the Giant Dipper while the boys stood by. This was Grace’s first ride on the vintage wooden coaster and all the wanted for the rest of the day was to ride it again. Next time!

They then eased James into rides via some train rides like the one that featured dinosaurs. He worked himself up to faster and faster and did things even L wasn’t sure she’d do like flying in the air.

They ended their boardwalk adventure by riding the Haunted House, which the Adventurers are pretty sure hasn’t changed much since they were kids. And it did get James to jump once. He still voted it “the best ride”…

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