Getting back to adult pursuits with afternoon at Stanford Jazz Festival

Truth be told, it took the Adventurers a good 48 hours to start feeling normal after their Santa Cruz Mountains adventure with the grandkids. To be clear, it wasn’t that Grace and James were bad. More that they are just active and engaged youngsters.

Today they joined their neighbors Mike and Beth (and in the case of Beth, fellow M-A alum) to see an afternoon performance at the Stanford Jazz Festival. It just happened to feature one of their teenage neighbors, Madeleine McGlynn, which L had profiled on InMenlo.

All four singers were very good and, here’s the big story, D stayed awake throughout the performance (given that it was in his prime afternoon nap time).

Those who look hard may notice a bit of a sour face on D as he entered Dinkelspiel. Alas, it got even more sourer when he realized the auditorium was not air-conditioned. Really – on a world class university, what gives…

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