Art, hiking, great music – all on a very hot Peninsula day

The Adventurers try not to schedule two big events in one day but they took a chance today   given one that was a morning adventure and another an evening adventure. What they didn’t count on was the heat – in the high 90s during the hottest part of the day.

They set out at 10:00 am for a docent led tour of the Djerassi Resident Artists Program off Skyline (and next to Neil Young’s property, at least until he left his wife Peg for Daryl Hannah). They had signed up to do a four-mile hike that included viewing various artists’ installations left behind on the property. Given that it was on the west side of Skyline, they were hopeful for some sea breeze.

There was a breeze but if she still lived in SoCal, L would have called it a Santa Ana. The hike wasn’t really hard, 4 miles over up and down terrain. But the heat beat them up a bit. D did manage to smile and poise at the Liberty Cap that was done by artist Beate Engl in 2011. Kind of a pre-pussy cap.

They came home and collapsed, knowing that they had an evening engagement. Tommy Igoe’s Groove Conspiracy was performing at the Stanford Jazz Festival, and L had heard drummer Tommy’s praises sung by one of her Mill Valley friends who is a neighbor.

The show featured tunes made famous by Steely Dan and the guitarist from Steely Dan, Drew Zingg, was part of the great musicians Tommy had gathered together for the night. Given that Dinkespiel is not air-conditioned, the audience was actually given fans. They lucked out with seats close to an open door.

Tommy and his group weren’t as lucky. That was one hot, long and wonderful set they played…

Hike/moderate/four miles

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