Two (well maybe three) big screens in one night in San Francisco

In advance of their 5th baseball anniversary, L and D headed up to the City today. They decided an overnight at a new hotel by the ballpark (Hotel Via) and a chance to participate in the Wall of Song with fellow Trinity parishioners was the excuse they need to extend their baseball anniversary into a 24-hour event.

They met friends Matthew and Kate at a restaurant that’s been there for along time, Jeanne d”Arc, which somehow L had never heard of, and then headed up the steep hill to Grace Cathedral where fellow Trinity parishioner Mel Day was debuting her Wall of Song.

That meant singing Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen along with voices Mel and her collaborator Michael Nanking had recorded and perserved in a video art installation which was shown on a giant 25 foot screen.

They would have thought that this was their only big screen event until they returned to the Via and its downstairs bar, which had the biggest screen they’d every seen in a sports bar.

Of course, that got exceeded when they went to the hotel’s rooftop bar and saw an even bigger screen. Alas, it was an off-and-on-screen due to the fact the hotel has only been opened about a month and there are some kinks that need to be worked out

That didn’t diminish their enjoyment of being “up on the roof”…


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