Yep, same place, same seats – back where it all started 5 years ago

L and D celebrated their 5th baseball anniversary today, a day early as the Giants don’t play tomorrow at AT&T. Thanks to friend Leslie, who reserves her season ticket seats each year for the Adventurers.

They’d spend the night in the City at the new Hotel Via which is just across from the ball park. Their morning included a great walk along the Embarcadero to the Ferry Building where they had a delicious breakfast at Boulettes Larder. Food was great but service was less so. D acted a bit more like L, e.g. more impatient when his coffee didn’t arrive aft 20 minutes (after the wimpy Espresso at the hotel he was ready for some French press).

It was back to the hotel for a short time before heading over to the yard. Alas (said L) Panda hats where much on display. How quick they came back. Jury is still out if the Panda himself can come back.

A friend took the obligatory 5th anniversary shot. But just for the record, it was actually their sixth game. Really, who do thunk. But they are so happy that they did…

Walk/easy/four miles

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