Rode trip time: Stops on the way to Pasadena

The Adventurers are headed to Pasadena to see the grand-twins (and their parents, too, of course), but they always like to add on adventures, so they stopped first in Santa Barbara before landing in Carpinteria for the night.

L had pulled out her dog book to find some good walks in Santa Barbara and indeed the bluff top walk in the Douglas Family Preserve, felt good after four plus hours of driving.

Maggie is back to her old self and loved the fact that she could run free after a leashed street at the preserve’s entrance.

She was freer than the Adventurers who got stuck in massive Santa Barbara traffic exasperated by closed road for a festival of some sorts that was going on.

In Carpinteria, they found one of the few restaurants that allows dogs on the patio (some stupid Santa Barbara Country rule) and enjoyed the food and hospitality at Clementines, an old-fashioned kind of place known for its baked on site pies

After dinner they took a nice walk along the boardwalk on the beach followed by window shopping in town. A nice but long day…

Various walks/hikes/easy/3.25 miles

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1 Response to Rode trip time: Stops on the way to Pasadena

  1. Ginger says:

    Glad you found Clementine’s. We’ve been there a few times over the years. Happy trails!

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