The “big kids” are in the house for the traditional August weekend

For a couple of years, this has been a “James and Grace” weekend, sometimes on a road trip and sometimes in Menlo Park. This year it’s a stay-at-home adventure with lots of adventurous side trips.

The Adventurers picked the kids up in Orinda today (Julie was good enough to bring them there from Moraga) and they headed home to pick up Maggie. The next stop was the Menlo Charity Horse Show at the Circus Club.

Gracie was more interested in the many dogs there. James did ask to see the jumping. That he really knew how hard it was to get a horse to go over a dozen or so jumps in a timely manner was probably lost on him.

The kids are always on the lookout for something cool and on the way back to the car they spotted a lovely bench on the Brody’s property (top). They called it a “magic bench.”

After a brief rest at home, it was on to SCRA where they did some jungle gym and a lot of swimming and diving. James, in particular, mastered diving off a “big” board and swimming back to the rim in the deep end. His arm stroke it good and with a little more polish on the breathing he’d be a great six-year-old swimming.

L and D thought they’d probably go out for dinner tonight but instead it was home for the traditional kid dinner of spaghetti and meat sauce, where James was the assistant chef. Gracie and D also made a key lime pie but it will be for another night. Instead, straight from the over cookies were the dessert.

And oh we should mention that Gracie got two Yatzees in one game and skunked us all…

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  1. Ginger Terry says:

    I’m taking notes for later!

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