Mini road trip to Gilroy Gardens with the kiddos

Neither L nor D nor the kiddos had been to Gilroy Gardens and that’s where they headed today.

The Park is known for its plants and trees (it was first called Bonfante Gardens). Most of the greenery went unnoticed by the kiddos although James did manage to spot some of the  most interesting twisty trees. What the trees did do is provide shade, important on a summer day in Gilroy.

The big new of the day was that James overcame his fast ride phobia. When the Adventurers first got there, he didn’t even want to ride the kiddie roller coaster (Grace and L rode the snake like coaster.) But after conquering the very fast and high swings – ridden at least four times – he proclaimed himself ready for the Quicksilver big coaster, first with his buddy D and a second time just with Gracie.

The Adventurers told him “Giant Dipper next summer if not before.”

It did get hot as the day progressed, but they got a swimming invitation from friends in town visiting their mom/mom-in-law. Getting wet felt good after all the running around…

Walk/easy/three miles

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