Reliving “where were you in ’68-69 during the Age of Aquarius”

Chief on the agenda today was a trip to the City to see HAiR with good friends Beth and Mike. And the discussion on the drive up was ‘where did you see HAiR the first time,’ meaning the live musical, not the movie version.

That was easy for L, although it took awhile for her to remember who she went with while at UCLA when the musical was playing at the Aquarius  Theater in Hollywood. The surprise was that Cal students Mike and Beth also saw it in Los Angeles. Alas, no surprise the our UoP grad D didn’t ever see it live. (Things just weren’t quite as progressive in Stockton.)

HAiR was being staged at an old theater in of all places Chinatown. Arriving a bit early the foursome took a walk around Portsmouth Square and all its activities, including some kind of Chinese singing competition. It was, truth be told, a little hard on Western ears but enjoyed by those who’d gathered to enjoy it.

Then it was on the Great Star Theater, which, although three out of the four had grown up in the Bay Area, they had never heard of. Nor did they know much about the ‘Uli Tribe and are, in fact, still trying to figure it out. Not often that a Google search fails.

So let’s cut to the chase. HAiR was a lot of fun but they all agreed that “you had to be there when.” What folks who weren’t around would think of this sometimes campy musical is a puzzle.

What turned out to be a fun friend-and-famiy-fact was that L’s friend Connie’s niece played the lead female role of Sheila (pictured above left). And did it quite well, we would add.

Want to see a bit of what we are talking about. Check out this YouTube video of the curtain call

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