City adventure gets busted due to heat

The Adventurers had long planned an adventure in the City today, given that L had to be at UCSF for a medical appointment. They’d planned to take Maggie and do Chrissy Field or similar coastal walk.

No way as temperatures shot to over 100, breaking an all-time record of 106 degrees. That’s just not walking weather.

They did redeem the day somewhat (in addition to L being cleared for surgery on her increasingly annoying cataract) by stopping at Westlake Joe’s for lunch. This is one of the most popular restaurants int the Bay Area and near impossible to get in for dinner. But they love the food, the atmosphere and the whole scene of seeing people of all kinds and all ethnicities. It’s like the Peninsula’s best melting pot…

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One Response to City adventure gets busted due to heat

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Good luck on the cataract surgery. I’ve had one done and waiting for the other eye to get worse! It’s pretty easy. We’re winding up a week with the girls in DC. NO TIME TO POST! Fun but exhausting with a two year old and 5 year old!

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