Hiking Hendy Woods plus a short jaunt up to the lake

Today was divided into three parts.

After a delicious farmhouse breakfast, the Adventurers  headed to Hendy Woods State Park which is just below the ranch. L used to ride down there on trail rides, almost always on her favorite named Jack, who could have a mind of his own but was a nice guy really.

They did a great loop hike that allowed them to check out the Hermit’s huts. Petrov “Petro” Zailenko lived in Hendy Woods State Park in California for more than 18 years during the 1960s and ’70s in huts of his own construction consisting of redwood plank lean-tos. It would have been chilly during the winter!

Back at the ranch in the afternoon, they headed up to the lake, which L is pretty sure she hadn’t swum in before. They took the canoe out to the middle of the pond deck, tied it up and went for a dip. It was refreshing on a hot day.

A highlight of the day was dinner at The Bewildered Pig, which is a newish restaurant in the middle of nowhere. (It has a Philo address but is about 8 miles west of the town.) Run by a couple, it is fabulous. L ordered the pork belly, which she rarely does, and it was over the top delicious.

It was the perfect end of a nostalgic day in beautiful Anderson Valley…

Hike/moderate/3.5 miles
Walk/easy/1 miles

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