Enjoying a terrace dinner and drinks at a dive in Mendocino, plus a meeting with Paul!

Dive bars have always been a bit of a lure for the Adventurers and they’d spotted Dick’s yesterday when they’d eaten at a nearby restaurant.

So before dining outdoors on the terrace at Trillium (very good), they went in for a drink at Dicks. Reviews have called it clicky and while the bartender was welcoming the two motorcycle gang members they sat down at the bar next to actually moved away. Guess the Adventurers were just too square.

They spent a bit of time walking around the town. L like the juxtaposition of the two water towers.

They also stopped at the big supermarket in town that had a large window display of local coffee called Thanksgiving. They often pick up local coffee that you can’t get anywhere else and were surveying their choices when the coffee company’s owner Phil Katzeff introduced himself and was more than happy to talk about ALL of the choices – too many! Of course a photo of the encounter was taken,,,

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