Walk around Fort Ross Historical Park becomes a trip highlight

Regarding Fort Ross, which is about 8 miles south of Timber Cove, this the Adventurers knew: L had been there before but couldn’t remember when or with who; D just remembered passing it by numerous times.

So today was the day to give the old Russian fort attention. Stopping at the visitor center, they were encouraged to make an extra effort to hike up to the cemetery. But no one mentioned that they’d actually get to see young Russian boys and girls dancing in the Fort itself.

That was courtesy of some local  school field trip. But if you didn’t know otherwise and closed your eyes, you’d think you were back 100 or so years ago. Very fun.

After that encounter, they headed down to Sandy Cove where the cemetery trail starts and heads first gradually and they steeper up the hill, ultimately on a trail with a tree canopy.

Reaching the cemetery, they tried to find the trail across Highway 1 that would take them up to the San Andreas fault line. Alas, they’re old book showed a gate that was no longer passable.

Hike/moderate/3 miles

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