Taking a journey “back in the day” watching “Ain’t Too Proud” at Berkeley Rep

When L found out Berkeley Repertoire Theater was presenting the world premiere of a new musical about the Temptations, she knew that it was a must see for the Adventurers.

That group was a big part of her high school and college years. She bought tickets before the probably-headed-to-Broadway musical was reviewed. Guess they would have gone anyway, but it was great that the reviews were very positive.

They set out in time to have lunch before their 2:00 matinee (filled with geezers who were really too old; they were probably baby tending rather than “dancing in the streets.”)

The lunch spot, Angelines Louisiana Kitchen, was perfect, honoring the Southern roots of the original Temptations. Plus it gave L an opportunity to enjoy Gumbo, not something found on most Bay Area menus.

Then it was showtime with one hit after another performed by a great group of really young singers/dancers (even though they didn’t look that young on stage).

At 2 1/2 hours plus it’s a long sit (and likely to be trimmed before it hit lands in New York). But as long as the extraordinary capable cast was singing and/or dancing, it didn’t matter…

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