It’s the annual pilgrimage to Webb Ranch Pumpkin Patch, this time with a reptilian twist

Grace and James, accompanied by Gracie’s friend Emilie, came across the Bay today for their annual visit to the Webb Ranch Pumpkin Patch.

Son John and L figured Grace’s been going there since she was 11 months and James (thanks to old sister) since he was five months. L worried a bit this year if they’d be two old.

There are a lot of activities to choose from and lines are long, so the kiddos settled on things they’d never done before. One came in a big package – a ride on a horse. The other was much smaller, holding a snakes and lizards. The reptile zoo was new this year and a big hit, as was the hay slide.

After the newness, the worked off some steam in the jumpy house for older kids. Somethings never get old…

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