The D birthday takes the Adventurers south (not north)

The Adventurers had long planned to go to the fancy Airstream park near Guerneville to celebrate D’s birthday and their anniversary. But the North Bay fires got in their way.

When they had a chance to cancel five or so days ago, the situation was uncertain and it was clear the the smoke would be lingering.

So, they headed south to Carmel where they’ve been spending the New Year’s weekend for the past few years.

They hit a heat wave of sorts. Mid-80s along the 17 Mile drive which they chose to walk rather than drive, starting from Asilomar State Beach where the Mag went zoom, zoom, zoom.

Sometimes they got sea breezes. And sometimes it was just plan hot.

Mag cooled off in the water. And she drank a ton of water. Hope that doesn’t mean a lot of peeing come night time.

And by the way, that is not “the” lone cypress that D and the Mag are poising in front of. Just many of the cypress trees one finds along the way…

Walk/easy/4.25 miles

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